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[INFO] 110105 Alexander Hosts Arirang TV’s New Year’s Special Documentary

Arirang TV’s special documentary, “Arirang Wave,” will delve into the new concept of the ‘Korean Wave’ that is sweeping across Asian nations, and will explore the places where ‘K-pop’ leads this movement.

Recently, Korean pop music has experienced a huge rise in popularity in Asia. ‘K-pop’ is a common term that refers to Korean pop music, and Arirang TV will visit the places that are most enthusiastic and passionate about ‘K-pop’.

Vietnam, Indonesia, Mongolia, and other Asian countries, have experienced a “K-Pop fever,” partly because of Arirang TV’s contribution. By broadcasting various Korean pop concerts to all of Asia, Arirang TV has shown Korea’s modern culture and its most popular music genre to those not living in Korea.

Nowadays, the ‘Korean Wave’ has been a popular topic for conversations concerning modern culture and music. People who visit Korea and foreign students in Korea believe that Korea’s image has evolved into something that must be watched because of the ‘Korean Wave’.

A great example of the effects of the ‘Korean Wave’ is U-Kiss, a famous K-pop group; they have met many of their adoring fans through Arirang TV, and are now one of the hottest icon groups in Asia.

This special documentary, “Arirang Wave,” will be hosted by Alexander, a member of U-Kiss. Alexander will inform viewers about his experiences concerning foreign fans and their love for Korea.

Credits: kissmeukiss + + + ROCKETBOXX.NET + blazegirls



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