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IMPORTANT: [TRANS] 110105 We Are Dating’s PD-nim and Girl’s Day Jihae: ‘WAD has ended’

As you all know WAD Ep 5 wasn’t aired yesterday (Friday, Jan 07) and it has been replaced with the other show, and we were wondering why. So, it seems like Jihae and the WAD’s PD talked about it on twitter on Jan 5th. I guess no more WAD anymore for us 😦 But we’re hoping to see more show with Girl’s Day and U-KISS in the future. It was fun for us subbing this show. So yeah. But we will be sure to update more news regarding this. Thanks guys!
@Girls_Day_Jihae: 지해야 대충 소식은 들어서 알겠지만…많이 도움을 못줘서 정말 너무너무 미안해…다들 너무 열심히 해줘서 정말 고마웠는데 정말 미안하고 담에 또 기회가 생기면 그땐 정말더 재밌게 잘 해보자…미안하고 고마워~^^
Translation: Jihae, I know you already heard the news, but… I’m very very sorry for not giving you enough help. Everyone has worked hard and I thank for that. I’m so sorry and I hope we can do better next time when there’s another chance. I’m sorry, and thank you~^^
@Koen_swoop: 아니예요피디님^^제대로인사를못하고 끝나서 얼마나 아쉬운지몰라요ㅠㅠ다음에만나면 꼭 재밌게해용!!해피뉴이어^^
Translation: No PD,^^ I’m also sad that we had to end it without a proper farewell to you.ㅠㅠ I wish we will have fun shooting (a show) when we meet next time. Happy new year^^

Credits: kissmeukiss + jihae & WAD’s PD twitter + girlsdaydaily



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