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[INFO] U-KISS begins preparations for U.S. debut

Boy group U-KISS is planning on entering the U.S. music market, and have already kicked off preparations for their debut.

According to information revealed by their agency, NH Media, on January 11th, the agency will be utilizing the members’ different cultural backgrounds and language skills as the base for their debut in the States.

Representatives revealed, “We’ve already listened to about 100 new songs for their new album.  The songs chosen will be group ballads, a genre which hasn’t been featured in U-KISS’s albums. Our production team in the States, “I PED,” has already prepared choreography videos.”

They continued, “We’re currently discussing how we’ll be bringing the boys over, since they have various schedules to still complete in Korea.  We’ll be balancing it with the group’s Korean comeback.

Their album will be completed by February.

Source + Photos: Star News via Daum, Newsen

credits : allkpop + blazegirls




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