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[NEWS] 110113 U-Kiss Has Arrived in Taiwan and Would Like to Try Smelly Tofu

South Korean boy band U-Kiss has arrived in Taiwan in the afternoon, and they will take part in the annual music awards concert. Members of the group have expressed their excitement regarding their trip to Taiwan, and added on that they want to taste Taiwan’s local milk tea & smelly tofu. A large crowd of fans welcomed them at the airport enthusiastically, including fans from Hong Kong who had specially come to Taiwan to meet them.
U-Kiss, the 7 members who arrived today are scheduled to attend the 2010 [V] Annual Music Awards Concert on the 15th evening.
Upon stepping off the plane, the members were seen to be in high spirit and were extremely excited. They even did several greetings in Mandarin, such as “Happy New Year” and “Hello”. The members expressed that they were very happy to be in Taiwan and were going to sample the local street snacks. In particular, they would like to try Taiwan’s smelly tofu & pearl milk tea.

A large number of fans were waiting patiently at the arrival hall of the airport. Upon the sighting of their idols, they screamed in great excitement. Some fans had even traveled from Hong Kong to welcome the members at the airport.

Credits: kissmeukiss + + berrystrawmilk@ (translation)

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