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[INFO] 110124 Update of Purchase of PiroPiro for Overseas Customers

Subject: For Overseas Customers
Name: HnB Company
Welcome to HnBcompany.
Please be noticed for the overseas purchasing.
In case of Japan, the local purchasing will be possible through the affiliates of HnBcompany.
However, the shipping charge of overseas purchasing (except Japan) will be updated in February on Piropiro website.
Those of who already made the bank transfer to HnBcompany bank account can either proceed after the announcement in February or send the bank account number for the refund.
In case, your quantity is over 100, please contact
Those of you who are visiting Korea, off-line purchasing from HnBcompany near Shinsa Station without paying the shipping fees is also possible.
You can also receive at your Hotel or Accomodation.
The current membership is only for the local people in Korea, however, it will be expanded to overseas in near future.
We appreciate your kind understanding.

Thank you.

Credits: kissmeukiss + + HnBCompany+



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