Magcnificent World Of 7 Boys

[UPDATE] 110124 Alexander’s Weibo Update

我不是逃避… 只是雖要一些時間去平靜… 去適應身邊的一切… 重新分析身邊的人… 腦海已空,心已痲目… 沒有氣力去想,沒有心情去感受,只想跟隨上帝的指意,見步行步……
Translation: “I’m not trying to escape from anything, just that, I need some time to calm down, to get used to everything around me, to analyze and know the people around me again.
My mind is blank, my heart is already numb, i have no strength to think about anything, no mood to feel anything.
I just want to follow what GOD tells me to do, one step at a time…”

Translation: “Only smart people will understand the reason on why I use chinese to post on Weibo….”

Credits: kissmeUkiss + @UKISSAlexander@weibo +ukissSingapore@Twitter +U-KISSesia + UKISSfacts



KissMes will be here waiting patiently for your emotional recovery~^^~


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