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U-KISS’s Hoon & AJ Confide About the Pressures of Being New Members

The two newest additions to U-KISSHoon and AJ, recently sat down for an interview with Star Newsand talked about the pressures they felt in joining an already-established group.

Hoon stated, “I used to promote alone, so it’s a lot of fun joining a group now and having hyungs and dongsengs. It’s just that there’s a lot of pressure in joining such an established group, which weighs heavily down on my shoulders.  Regardless, it makes me want to work harder.”

AJ added, “I was a member of Paran, but I was actually a potential member of U-KISS as well.  I ended up making a big turn before finally becoming a U-KISS member, and although I’m still lacking in a lot of aspects, I really did give my best for this album.  Despite the pressure, I’ll work to show my efforts and my growth.”

U-KISS will be making their comeback with “0330” on March 30th.

Credits : Star News via Nate + allkpop + blazegirls




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