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[INFO] U-KISS’s Dongho Wants to Build a Baseball Park for Korea’s Baseball Fans

U-KISS’s Dongho recently stated that he wants to build a baseball park for Korea’s baseball fans.

The topic came about after Dongho made a comment about the effects of his unique role in MBC’s “Royal Family“. The idol said, “I’ve heard a lot of my friends and family say that I should treat them to great things since I’m the grandson of a chaebeol (Korean millionaire) [in the drama].”

He then revealed, “If I were really the grandson of a chaebeol, I would first build a baseball park for Korea’s baseball fans.”

Why a baseball park, you ask?

Dongho explained, “It’s because I thought of the hard time I had while playing baseball on KBS2TV’s ‘Invincible Baseball“. ..I always thought it would be good for baseball fans to play baseball comfortably whenever they wanted to in a good facility.”

The busy idol also lamented about not having time to go watch a baseball game and said, “I want to visit a baseball stadium and cheer for my favorite team.”

Credits : TV Daily via Nate + allkpop + blazegirls




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