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[INFO] 110410 U-Kiss on Getting Number 1 and First Concert in Korea [Interview 1]

After receiving attentions for their strong overflowing charisma performances, U-KISS is now back with a softer music style as they transformed themselves into romantic guys to show their mature side.

They are very serious and passionate idol group when they are on stage, however, once they come off from the stage, they will scream “kyaaaa” and burst out laughing all the time, giving out the feeling of ‘cheerful’ mischievous youth.

This will be their 6th album since debuted. This album has a very special meaning to the members. This is their first album with the newly recruited members, AJ and Hoon, and at the same time challenging a new genre, which is sad hip hop.

“‘Bran New Kiss’. It has the meaning of the new U-KISS with the new members. Please love us a lot since we are coming back with more mature and firmer” said the members as they are committed to a new beginning.

The title track is called ‘0330’. It means that the new U-KISS is coming back on March 30th. It’s not a dance club music, it’s a medium tempo’s rhythmic song. It is an attractive song that will give more emotions if you listen to it at 3:30am. (Dongho)

This is already our sixth album since debuted. We had put a lot of efforts and the members are also participating in this album too. We have a lot of affections towards this album. It would be good if we can receive much love since we are back with more earnest and more mature.(Soohyun)

Your feeling to have the first stage after the member’s change?

I was worrying a lot. I was shaking a lot before the first stage, but I’m glad that the new members did very well. I’m very thankful. (Soohyun)

There was a change in members, and it felt like we were debuting again when we were standing on the stage. It felt like we were starting all over again, and it was something new. (Kevin)

U-KISS did not have a leader in the past. Whatever it is, I hope that we can be closer and practice more in order to be a well-organized (group). (AJ)

The atmosphere is different. What is the fans’ reaction?

I think that the fans were really surprised. They thought that we were going to return with a tough man images just like before, instead, we came back with romantic and soft images. They said that the differences came out very well and they cheered on us. (Kiseop)

We didn’t specifically sticking with one appearance only; cute appearance, masculine appearance, romantic appearance, it seems like U-KISS contains all kind of images. (AJ)

Unusual song title. Your thought when you first heard it?

All the members liked the song instantly when we first heard ‘0330’. It’s true that we wanted to make a melodical music more rather than those strong and bold music. I think that best part of the song was how the first accompaniment of the piano flows out. (Soohyun)

Anything occurred during the filming of ‘0330’ MV?

I was told that I will be the main actor this time. I thought that we were only needed to sing since we were told that there will be a main actor and a main actress, but they told me that I will be the main actor a day before (the filming). I did filming for dramas and movies, but I felt the pressure since this was my first time to act in MV. I think that I’ve filming it comfortably. I’ve learned a lot from this new experience too. (Dongho)

It was really cold since we were filming it on the rooftop. During sunset, the time to film the most beautiful images in the background was limited. So, we had to endure the cold weather in order to film. I felt so proud that the MV came out nicely since we worked so hard to film it. (Kevin)

If you look at it closely (the MV), all of us were shivering (in the MV). Even our ears turned red. However, we did not suffer from illness since U-KISS members are strong and have a lot of stamina. (Soohyun)

U-KISS who listens to fans’ advice. What has been pointed out lately?

They said that the facial expressions are very fierce even though the song is a sad hip hop with a beautiful melody. While singing ‘Man Man Ha Ni’, ‘Shut Up’ etc, the facial expressions we put on stage have become a habit that even if it’s a sensitive song, sometimes unknowingly, it seems like my facial expression becomes fierce. (Dongho)

You devoted yourself for this album. Your satisfaction level?

Out of 100 points? Umm… 9 points! The other 81 points will be given once we achieve #1 spot.(Eli)

It’s true that this album is our favorite among those that we have been released. We are still lacking, but we will continuously trying (to improve). (Kevin)

U-KISS’s goal if you guys achieved #1 in Music program?

It would be great if we can organize our first concert in Korea where nationwide and overseas fans can come together.

Credits: kissmeukiss + TVDaily (Source) + jaymie501@ROCKETBOXX.NET (Translation) + shikstyle (Translation) + Angel_In (Translation) + ROCKETBOXX.NET + blazegirls



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