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[INFO] 110412 U-Kiss’ Dongho Reveals that He Ran Away from Home

On April 12th, U-Kiss’ Dongho guested on SBS’s “Strong Heart” and shared a story of when he ran away from home.
During a particularly tumultuous time in his life, Dongho revealed that he had packed everything he owned into a big bag and left his home for… the bank.   Despite his young age, Dongho explained,“I asked and found out that I had quite a lot under my name.  I sold all of my stocks and ELS and withdrew everything I had in my account.”

At the mention of ELS, the studio began murmuring amongst themselves, clearly confused over what it was.  Even Lee Seung Gi, known to be the smarter of the MCs, claimed to have heard it for the first time through Dongho.
To the amusement of the studio, Shindong asked, “Is it like an ARS?”
Dongho continued, “It’s not anything important.  Anyway, I withdrew all of the cash and felt like I finally had the world back in my hands. I really regret not leaving home earlier.”
He revealed that he had chosen to go to Busan in order to see the ocean and had reserved a room at one of the top hotels in the city.
Moon Hee Jun cut him off and asked, “You know what an ELS is, but you don’t know that you can also see the ocean in Incheon as well?”
After much laughter, Dongho eventually concluded his story by stating that he had given up his plans of running away to Busan and left instead for his grandfather’s, who was also celebrating his 80th birthday.
Suddenly tearing up, he showed regret over his actions by stating, “What still gets me is that in all of the pictures from my grandfather’s 80th birthday, I’m not in any of them.  It was such a joyful celebration for everyone, but my parents can be seen with their faces white with fear and forcing a smile for the camera. That really broke my heart.”

Credits: kissmeukiss + Newsen + allkpop + blazegirls



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