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[INFO] 110423 10 Questions with U-KISS in PD Concert Press Conference – Thailand

10 Questions with U-KISS in PD Concert Press Conference

Q1 How do new members feel?
AJ : At first I surprised to be a part of this team. Now I feel very great because we get along well. For becoming a member of u-kiss, it’s a really good chance for me.
Hoon : Nice to meet you all. I’m a new member, Hoon. Previously I’m worried. I’m afraid if I’m going to ruin popularity of the group but fans still love u-kiss.

Q2 After new members join the group, is anything affect/change?
Soohyun : We have 5 members in same age. New members join and make us be closer. Hope everyone will look forward us.

Q3 Do you guys and new members get along well with practicing?
Soohyun : Today, Everybody won’t disappointed for sure. Both of new members like to dance and sing so much. They remembered all dance steps already. I confirm today’s show must be fun!

Q4 AJ, You were the youngest of PARAN but now you are not the youngest in U-KISS, How do you feel?
AJ : All Maknaes must have a cuteness but when I was PARAN’s maknae I’m not cute enough so I felt oppressive too. But now U-KISS has maknae Dongho, he is very cute so I feel relieved.

Q5 Eli, will you act in any drama again?
Eli : I have no plan for now but I’m looking for a good role too. And I’ll be glad if I have a chance to act in thai drama again.

Q6 This Concert is a charity concert for help Tsunami victims in Japan, how do you feel?
Soohyun : It’s Very much an honor for us as part of helping Japanese. We have a lot of Japanese fans. That time when our fans tweeted to tell us that Japan has earthquake, it made us very sad. We happy that Thailand has this great concert. If here has other good events like this we will attend indeed. Fighting!

Q7 Will you have an Asia Tour Concert again? Will you come to Thailand?
Soohyun : This year we will have an Asia Tour again but we will start it after we finish our schedule in Japan. If we have chances, we want to meet our fans around the world. I hope everyone will look forward it. Of course, we will come to Thailand, please wait for us.

Q8 Do you wan to go somewhere in Thailand specially?
Dongho : I wanna go to Pattaya. I heard there has many interesting activities but I have to go back to Korea tonight because tomorrow I must go to work. Next time I wanna go to Pattaya!

Q9 Say Something in Thai
Kiseop : Miss you.
Dongho : I really love you.
Kevin : I love you! Muah!
Eli : All of you’re beautiful
AJ : Have a nice dream
Soohyun : Darling (laugh)
Hoon : Hug me

Q10 Please say something for thai Kissmes
Kevin : We didn’t come to Thailand for several months. I’m glad to see thai fans again and very honored to join in this great concert. Hope everyone will look forward our works and give U-KISS a lot of love.

Credits: Pingbook (interview) + Heawenkisses at tumblr (Translation) + U-KISSesia + + blazegirls


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