Magcnificent World Of 7 Boys

[INFO] 110517 Alexander Living Like a Normal Teenager?

So many of you might ask, what is the life of Alexander after U-Kiss?
Having a blast of course!: Being in the spotlight AND living a normal life!! How is that even possible?!
Shortly after his departure from U-Kiss, he joined 3rd Wave Music, this non-profit organization, to support the first ever K-Pop-based CCM (Christian Contemporary Music) along with Brian Joo from Fly to the Sky.  A portion of the sales from the 3rd Wave albums will go toward I-WIN Campaign which aids Africa!
Besides working hard still in the entertainment industry, he was also given the time to live a normal life hanging out around Seoul! Like going to watch Thor in 3-D!:
And playing around with Pastor Johnny Lee from @3rdWaveMusic, both being silly!:
Hint!: Did you know that there are MORE pictures of Alexander on the 3rd Wave Music iphone app? (
Also, hanging out with his aunt and her friends eating cake ^^:
Last week he finished recording the first song on the next 3rd Wave Music abum!

Alexander, we wish you the best of luck in 3rd Wave Music!

Credits: kissmeukiss + @3rdWaveMusic + @alexander_0729 + soompi + blazegirls

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