Magcnificent World Of 7 Boys

[INFO] 110517 Mr. Children Shooting Notice

Hello Kiss-mes

You should have heard U-Kiss (Soohyun, Kiseop, Dongho, Hoon) is cast for the movie ‘Mr. Children’ through media announcements. The movie shooting is currently in the process of shooting as of last month.

Soohyun, Kiseop, Dongho and Hoon will be acting as a boy group, Wonder Boys, in the movie and there will be scenes where they require to perform on stage.
They are preparing an amazing performances for the movie. So we want to share this experience with Kiss Mes and we invite you on the set.

The shoot will be starting on Saturday afternoon (5/21) and will finish in the morning the next day at Mr. Children studio, Jeon Joo.

If there are a lot that are coming from Seoul, we will hire a bus for free. Others coming from other areas, will meet us near the studio and will enter all together. (No free bus hire for other areas)

We are also providing drinks and meals, so do not worry about that. Kiss-mes and non-Kiss-mes can join this shoot.

If you are underage, please get approval from your parents, as you have to stay overnight.
We are not responsible for whatever happens between you and your parents from not telling.

We will take applications ’til 2pm tomorrow (5/18). Please leave comment if you want to join (on the cafe topic).

Do not comment on any other matter, otherwise will be deleted without notice.
When you reply, put your nickname, number of people coming, and where you’re coming from.

Please use Q&A board for any other questions regarding Mr. Children.

Thank you.

Credits: kissmeukiss + U-Kiss’ Official Cafe + Seokku @ (translations) + blazegirls



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