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[INFO] U-KISS Reveals that They Know How to Put on Makeup

While appearing on a recent episode of Fashion N’s “Actress House“, the members of U-KISS revealed personal information on how idols are styled for the stage.

They revealed, “Male idols are just as good at applying makeup as female idols are.  We sometimes even do our own smoky eye makeup.”

The members then shocked the MCs by drawing their own eyeliner on the spot. Maknae Donghoadded, “It gets sore around our eyes when we put on makeup so it stings sometimes.”

At the mention of stars headlining for their airport fashion, Dongho commented, “Before we head overseas, we all go shopping together. We receive the help of stylists even for our airport fashion, so it’s like we’re dressing for the stage.”

Concluding their segment, the boys revealed that although they haven’t had any dating experiences yet, they would like to get into a scandal with a girl group.

Check out the full episode through “Fashion N” on May 20th.

Credits : TV Daily via Nate + allkpop + blazegirls



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