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[INFO] 110521 U-Kiss’ Dongho Swore at Yoo In Na in English?

U-Kiss’ Dongho recently appeared in the movie “My Little Black Dress”* with co-star Yoo In Na. Hoping to improve his acting skills, he takes on the roll of “Yoo Seungwon,” a high school student madly in love with Yoo In Na.

In one scene of the movie, Yoo In Na is madly yelling after another character. Her cries awake her classmate Dongho, who angrily cries out, “F***! Shut up! Aren’t you too old to be rude?” Yoo In Na leans forward and nods uncertainly, to which he rolls his eyes and says, “Oh God, this is Korean. Speak only English in here, you stupid old lady!” She nods again and agrees, extending her hand forward to shake his. Dongho sneers and insults her in Korean, “Crazy b****!” The cut ends with Yoo In Na’s eyes widening at his insult.

Amused fans have left comments like “I find this really funny!” and “Haha! He’s so cute. I want to hear him speak more English.”

What do you think of his English lines?

*Note: The name of the film is translated as ‘My Black Minidress’.

Credits: kissmeukiss + koreaboo + blazegirls



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