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[INFO] 110523 U-Kiss Wraps Up Their “0330” Promotions

Idol group U-Kiss have wrapped up their “0330” promotions and are moving onto their next project.
On May 20th, the boys put on their final performance of “0330” through KBS’ “Music Bank“. Leader Soohyun said, “’0330′ was a song we released after a lot of preparation. Since we prepared so hard for it, it’s sad to end its promotions. Thank you to all the fans who have loved the song.”
He continued, “We will focus on performances and a movie schedule for all of May and then head to Japan for June. We will work in Japan for approximately three months. We’ll probably get back around September for a comeback. We will work very hard in Japan so please don’t forget about us and wait for us.”
It seems like they’re gearing up to become our next Hallyu stars. Will we see them on the Oricon charts?
Credits: kissmeukiss + Sports Chosun via Nate + allkpop + blazegirls

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