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[INFO] 110604 Life After U-Kiss, Kim Kibum Transforms into a CEO

After leaving the group U-KissKim Kibum (aka Allen) has been keeping himself busy with various activities.
Most recently, on May 20th, the idol turned young CEO attended a special launch event / fan meeting in Singapore for the toy character ‘Piro Piro’ which was held together with Warner Singapore. The character is from his jointly owned company named HnB Company that he set up with his brother, SS501’s Kim Hyung Joon.
The promotional event was held to help spread the name of Piro Piro for export business purposes, it was stated that around 1,000 fans attended the event.
At the event, the idol was greeted by fans who prepared a special audio and video message for him. Because of their kind actions, when he returned back to Korea, he posted a thank you message to the fans on his twitter account.
With much exuberance, Kibum stated, “Now that I’m alone, I have much more responsibilities to handle. To show my appreciation to fans all around the world for showing their love, I’m in the progress of composing music to eventually return to the entertainment realm. At the same time, I’m also handling my business obligations.”
Credits: kissmeukiss + xsportsnews + allkpop + blazegirls

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