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[INFO] 110611 U-Kiss to Continue the Success of TVXQ in Japan

U-Kiss will enter the Japanese market aiming to get the same recognition gained by TVXQ.

U-Kiss is ready to debut in Japan under the care of AVEX. It has been revealed that the company has assigned the activities of the band to some of the same staff members that were in charge of TVXQ.

NH Media has mentioned that AVEX has confidence in U-Kiss and discovered a similar potential to the one of TVXQ and the company has confirmed that the plans will give them the best support.

U-Kiss is set to release their Japanese album on August 24th and will include their tracks ‘0330’. On December they will have a major debut releasing a new single and have a tour during the next year. During this period of time the band will be working in Japan and Korea with a pretty busy schedule.

Credits : hankooki +[translated & Shared] + gokpop + + blazegirls



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