Magcnificent World Of 7 Boys

[INFO] 110613 New PiroPiro Products to be Released!

Hello, this is HnB Company
Are you ‘piropiro’ (tired) from the heat wave?
Stay strong  -ㅅ-! Dark circles are our trademarks!
Sometime during July, we are to release new PiroPiro stationery products.
Please look forward to it as we are preparing pencil cases, notebooks, pouches and various other products!
We are preparing for a re-release of the, currently out of stock, neck cushions during August ~ September. Stock is running low for our face cushions, 40CM dolls, large dolls, slippers and SiroSiro wrist cushions.
To be able to restock regular products require lengthy production time so if you wish to purchase these products, please hurry~!

Thank you PiroPiro~!♡

Credits : kissmeukiss + + (translation) + blazegirls



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