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[SCAN] 110614 U-Kiss @ Japanese Headlines (Kansai)

Pop group U-Kiss has a high level of interest in into the Japanese market of Japanese media.
Sankei Sports has reported of the authentic advance into the Japanese market.
Preparing for a full-fledged debut in June, U-Kiss took a more unique method for debut. They have decided to debut in the Kansai regions based in Osaka rather than Tokyo. Osaka, the Kansai region of Kyoto, has given base to most of U-Kiss’ plans in Japan. Other male idols are being held up to par in a completely different way from U-Kiss.*
Also parallel to their Japanese activities, they have held a solo showcase in Malaysia on the 10th of this month. The showcase was a great success with more than 10,000 fans on site.
U-Kiss is releasing a Japanese version of their mini-album ‘Bran New Kiss’ and also planning a nationwide tour. Their first official debut is set for December with their first major Japanese single.
*T/N: I think the article means that other idols are being held below par to U-Kiss (ones that debuted in Japan) because U-Kiss took a more unique way of promoting and debuting.
Credits : kissmeukiss + ameblo + xroyalsoohyun @ tumblr + @xokissme94 + fuckyeahukiss @ tumblr + blazegirls

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