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[INFO] 110618 Kibum to Become a Mentor on ‘Dream Maker’

GTV will be launching a new project program, ‘Dream Maker’, which aims to assist the younger generation in achieving their dreams.
 -irrelevant information omitted-
Through an audition, 6 different mentors were selected for the show (aka ‘Dream Planner’); Gagman ‘Moon Cheon Sik’, HongDae Goddess ‘Lady Jane’, top musical actor ‘Kim Ho Young’, gagwoman ‘Gwak Hyun Hwa’, idol singer turned character enterprise CEO ‘Kim Kibum’ and top model ‘Gu Bon Hyung’ are the 6 mentors of Dream Planner that will interact 1 on 1 with the show’s participants to help them arrange meetings, schedules and give them overall support. Mentors are expected to exercise their knowledge and experience to assist the participants.
The show will begin to recruit participates from their homepage from June 30th, ideal participants are men and women who are between the age of 20-30 and bear disadvantages and obstacles that prevent them from being achieving their goals.

Note: This is a revised translation.

Credits : kissmeukiss + artsnews + + blazegirls

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