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[INFO] 110624 Hai Magazine’s Introduction to U-Kiss

‘0330’ has increased the popularity of these seven young boys. U-Kiss, that consists of Soohyun, Kiseop, Eli, AJ, Hoon, Kevin and Dongho, keep striving to move forward despite the member changes of two original members, Alexander and Kibum, departing from the group.

Taking their first step in Japan on 15 August 2008, U-Kiss, that initially had six members, became a seven-member group after Lee Kiseop joined in 2009.
Avid K-Pop fans surely already know every one of these handsome boys that come from South Korea.
However, many Malaysian fans still do not know their identities.
Let’s get to know each U-Kiss member, who came to Malaysia for a concert and fan meeting on 10 June.

Alexander & Kibum Eliminated?
Even though Kibum first said he left to focus on his business, he revealed later that he was forced by the agency to terminate his contract.
Instead, the agency said that the decision was made after seeing Kibum’s progress. It was said that he does not have enough abilities and skills.
“I didn’t quit, but they terminated my contract. The agency said that they were going to change two members and told me to sign an agreement to terminate my contract.”
“I pity my fans. I didn’t leave U-Kiss voluntarily. All this while, my business never interrupted U-Kiss activities.”
“I’ve thought of the members as my own family. It’s sad to say goodbye but I respect my agency’s decision to replace me with someone better,” he sadly said.

The same situation happened to Alexander who said that he didn’t leave because of his desire to continue his studies.
Even though he was able to speak seven languages, luck was not on his side.
However, Alex is still under NH Media and has the chance to continue his work. (Note: Hai Mag. must have based this from other articles)

Hoon & AJ Pressurized 

Kibum’s and Alex’s departure really affected U-Kiss’ loyal fans.
There were some who cried over these two members’ departure, and there were some who would commit suicide if U-Kiss were to be replaced with new members.
Certainly, even before the two new members were revealed, they were already bashed severely by fans, and had anti-fans.

Expressing the pressure that he has to bear and the huge responsibility when chosen to be part of a group that already has their own unique place, Hoon explains that what is important to him is for him to work hard to succeed.

“Usually, I’m alone and it’s really fun to be with a group.”
“However, there was a lot of pressure when I first joined U-Kiss. Furthermore, the group is so popular. Yet, that makes me want to further succeed,”
 said Hoon.

For AJ, it is surely an achievement to be proud of when he was selected to join U-Kiss.
“Even though I still lack in many aspects, I really gave my best for our newest album.”
“Although pressurized, I need to show my capabilities and development of to the fans,” he explained.

– Their company forbids them to date.
– They like to watch romantic movies together and talk about their individual love lives
– U-Kiss likes to dance to SNSD’s songs.
– To Dongho, ‘STUPID’ means ‘Super Talented Unique Person in Demand”
– Their Man Man Ha Ni dance move has spread widely all over Korea to the point that it was constantly talked about on entertainment shows.

Credits : kissmeukiss + Hai Magazine + nazlahhhh @ (translations) + blazegirls



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