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[INFO] 110822 Mnet Chart for the Best Appearance Idol

1. Kim Hyun Joong (SS501)
2. Nichkhun (2PM)
3. Goo Hara (KARA)
4. T.O.P (Big Bang)
5. Siwon (Super Junior)
6. Sandara (2NE1)
7. Minho (SHINee)
8. YooChun (TVXQ/JYJ)
9. Yoona (SNSD)
10. Thunder (MBLAQ)
11. Jung Shin (C.N Blue)
12. Doo Joon (BEAST)
13. Dongho (U.KISS)
14. Sulli (f(x))
15. Heechul (Super Junior)
16. Kim Sungje (Supernova)
17. Kim Jae Kyung (Rainbow)
18. Seulong (2AM)
19. Jiyeon (T-ara)
20. Taec Yeon (2PM)
21. So Hee (Wonder Girls)
23. Suzy (Miss A)
24. Dong Joon (Z:EA)
25. Shinhwa (Secret)
26. G-Dragon (Big Bang)
27. Joo yeon (After School)
28. Niel (TeenTop)
29. HyunA (4Minute)
30. Hongki (FT Island)

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[INFO] 110816 U-Kiss’ Dongho Reborn as ‘Hong Gil Dong’

U-Kiss’ youngest member, Dongho, is being reborn in the animation film ‘Hong Gil Dong 2084’. We caught up with Dongho last friday to discuss about his first animation voice dubbing at the film’s media premiere.

Dongho: Hello E-Daily viewers. I’m one of the voice dubbers of Hong Gil Dong and U-Kiss’ Dongho. It’s nice to meet you.

You’ve taken on the role in ‘Hong Gil Dong 2084’, an animation that is set in 2084 Yuldo City. It’s a story about Hong Gil Dong protecting the peace and freedom of the city.
Dongho: Yes, the olden-day Hong Gil Dong is placed into the times of 2084 as an animation. The role I’ve taken on is the main character, Hong Gil Dong, who is more sophisticated compared to the old hero.

This is the first time you’ve faced the challenge of animation dubbing. Did you have any difficulties adjusting to the role, such as breathing?
Dongho: Reenacting the heavy breathing scenes were quite hard, especially the fighting scenes. You need to have the correct breathing and breathe hard at the right times. I think the breathing is harder than executing the lines.

I heard that you recently just turned 18 years old and proudly received your ID card.
Dongho: I thought I’d be happy once I got my ID but I didn’t feel any different. Once I came out, I went to the bank and I need to bring my passport or something like it, but now I can just pull out a card from my wallet. It made me feel happy and satisfied.

The group you are a member of, U-Kiss, is currently active in Japan. When will you be active again in Korea?
Dongho: We’ve been living in Japan and performing Japanese activities so we weren’t able to do many Korean activities. We’re planning to release a 2nd album in Korea and come out on broadcasts regularly, so I hope everyone will support us then.

We’ll finish the interview on a strong note by having you say a few words.
Dongho: The film will be released on the 18th of August so please give it a lot of love. I will have many activities in the future so please give lots of support while I work hard at them. Thank you.

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[INFO] 110817 U-Kiss to Release Korean 2nd Studio Album on September 8th

It was reported that U-Kiss would be returning to Korea in September with their 2nd full length album. The release date of their album was announced by NH Media on August 17th. The album will feature male group Paran, in which U-Kiss member AJ previously was a part of. In additions, U-Kiss have taken on the help of America, Japanese, and Korean producers and composers for the album.

According to an official from NH Media, U-Kiss have finished recording for the album and have also finished shooting the music video for the album’s title track.

He said, “The boys went to Japan after they finished shooting the music video in Korea and will fly back to the country for their local fan meeting set for early September. U-Kiss will meet about 400 to 500 fans in Seoul on September 4th and it will give members a chance to reconnect with their fans as well as showcase their new album.”

Since June, U-Kiss have been in Japan preparing for their official debut. They will mark their entry into the country with the Japanese licensed version of their mini-album “Bran New Kiss,” and will officially release a Japanese single in December.

On August 5th, U-Kiss had their first member injured when Dongho received knee cartilage injuries during practice for their Korean comeback.

U-Kiss will release their 2nd studio album on September 8th. Are you excited for their comeback? What kind of concept do you think they will return with?

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[INFO] 110808 U-Kiss’ Dongho Injures His Knee while Preparing for Comeback

Idol group U-Kiss are scheduled to make their official comeback next month, but member Donghoexperienced an unfortunate accident resulting in an injury.
On August 8th, NH Media revealed that Dongho was practicing the choreography for their new song on the 5th at their practice room in Osaka, Japan.
During the practice, however, Dongho fell and injured the cartilage in his knee.
He was immediately rushed to the hospital, and although the injury wasn’t severe, Dongho must wear a cast for the time being. He still managed to make his commitments, however, as U-Kiss planned to kick off activities for their comeback through fan meetings and such this month.
Representatives stated, “Despite his injury, Dongho stood on stage and performed in Harajuku the next day.  He wasn’t able to fully participate in the choreography due to his cast, but he did go on stage with the other members to complete their schedule.”
Dongho and the members insisted that the group needs to continue working towards their comeback.  U-Kiss will be returning with their second official album sometime next month.
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[INFO] 110705 U-Kiss to be Active in Japan with Fanmeeting and Showcase

Last month we reported that U-Kiss, who recently signed on with Japanese agency Avex Entertainment, would be spending the next three months preparing for promotions in Japan.

U-Kiss will be holding fan meetings in Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka prior to the release of their Japanese debut album. The group released their mini-album “Bran New KISS” this spring in Korea; it will be released in Japan on August 24 in preparation for a Japanese single to be released in the winter.

The fan meetings, the group’s first official activities in Japan, are scheduled to have live performances, special videos, and talks. The schedule is as follows:

– July 18: Zepp Tokyo
– July 24: Zepp Nagoya
– July 30: Zepp Osaka

There will be two events, one at 2:30 PM and one at 6:30 PM, for each day and location. Fans who are interested in going can apply for tickets on U-Kiss’ official Japanese website.

In addition, on July 19 at Osaka Melpark Hall and July 21 at Tokyo Suginami Public Hall, U-Kiss’s Dongho, Hoon, and Eli will be holding a “U-Kiss Dongho Talk Show and ‘My Black Mini Dress‘ Preview K-Movie’s New Wave Showcase Vol. 1.” Fans who would like go to the showcase can pre-reserve tickets through a lottery system via Pia starting July 9.

Meanwhile the group has been living together in Osaka since the beginning of June. In an interview with Sankei Sports, Soohyun said, “Osaka is really kind, like Korea. It’s a privilege to be able to live here enjoyably. The food is also good.” The members have particularly taken to takoyaki, a Japanese food from the Kansai area (which includes Osaka) and is a round octopus dumpling-type food.

Each of them has also been taking Japanese lessons daily. Eli said that they enjoy practicing their Japanese with the takoyaki shop owner in Doutonbori (a popular shopping district in Osaka).

Additionally, Dongho, who likes baseball, would like to see the Koshien Japanese high school baseball tournament and see the baseball dome, since Korea does not have any baseball domes.

A DVD with clips of U-Kiss’ lives in Japan will be included on their Japanese album that is coming out on August 24.

What do you think about the start of U-Kiss’ Japanese activities?

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[INFO] 110701 Dongho Cast for Voice Acting in ‘Hong Gil Dong 2084’

U-Kiss’ member Dongho challenges animation dubbing acting.

Dongho will be starring in the 3D animation movie ‘Hong Gil Dong 2084’ as the voice of the character, Hong Gil Dong.

The production company stated their reason for casting as, “Dongho has a cute face with versatile talents and has also worked in various fields such as activities with U-Kiss and Invincible Baseball, thus having a fanbase that consists of both younger and older generations” and “His milky-white skin, cute eye smile and bold personality especially resembles the animation’s character, Hong Gil Dong”.

The production time of ‘Hong Gil Dong 2084’ took 3 years and the total costs 36 billion won, it is set to premiere on August 18th.

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