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[TRANS] 110819 Dongho’s Black vs Blonde Hair

Idols Black vs Blonde hair, which is more attractive?

Blonde-coloured hair is worth trying once. In more recent years, idol groups have been frequently sporting the hair colour to be more eye catching and create a strong, cool image. So which one is the better one, the bright & fresh blonde or the dark & mysterious pitch black?

Recently, online communities have been intensely discussing and comparing several different idol group members.
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Idol group U-Kiss’ Dongho made a transformation, in one of U-Kiss’ (older) album concepts, from black to blonde hair. He commented that his blonde hairstyle had erased his cute image and created a manlier image for him.
What do you think about blonde/black hairstyles? Which do you think looks better on Dongho?

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[TRANS] 110705 U-Kiss @ Epop Magazine

For the time being. U-Kiss is very busy promoting their album in Asian countries. If they could go on a holiday for a month, what would they wanna do? If it was the end of the world, what would they do?


Question: If you could go on a vacation for a month, what would you do?
Kevin: A month?…hmmm..what to do?
Eli: I’ll go visit my family in America.
Kevin: Watch NBC too? (The National Broadcasting Company)
Eli: Yup!
AJ: A month? Hmmm….. I wanna go backpacking in Australia. I wanna go to a lot of places there
Kevin: I wanna go to New York!
Kiseop: I wanna go to the beach!
Kevin: You wanna on a vacation for a month at a beach?! ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Dongho: I wanna sleep for a month!
Eli & Kevin: Dongho wants to hibernate, haha!
Hoon: I wanna visit my hometown in Namgyangju
Soohyun: Hmmm….I wanna go to Jeju Island with the members ^^
U-Kiss: (chatter) No~ thanks!
Question: A week before the end of the world, what would you do?
Hoon: I wanna be with the one I love
Kevin: I wanna be with my family
Eli: Hmmm…. I’LL SAVE THIS WORLD, Haha!
AJ: That’s not realistic!
Kiseop: I wanna go home and be with my family
Soohyun: I wanna visit all the Kiss Me in the world!
AJ: The Kiss Mes dont wanna see you!
Dongho: I wanna spend all my savings money.
U-Kiss: For what?
Dongho: Charity!
AJ: I’ll leave Earth ! ㅋㅋ
Question: If you would publish an autobiography of a member, who would you choose?
Soohyun: I choose myself! ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Kevin: Why?
Soohyun: I change my answer… should I choose Kiseop? Or Kevin? Hmm, I’’ll choose Kevin instead since he lived in San Francisco. I wanna travel to San Francisco and visit Kevin’s family over there
Kiseop: I choose Eli~ I wanna get to know Eli more since he’s lived in China and America
Eli: Hmm… Soohyun hyung. I wanna know the hardships he went through before debuting as an artist
AJ: I’d pull out! I dont wanna be a director ! ㅋㅋ
Kevin: Dongho! I wanna know every single thing about being in middle school and high school!
Hoon: AJ, because he went overseas to study all alone. He’s also very smart and he knows how to speak English well. I wanna know how he learned.
Eli: That’s true~! A while ago, I couldn’t get in touch with AJ. A month later, I bumped into him. Turns out, he turned off his handphone the whole time while studying overseas.
Question: If you guys turned into girls, which member would you pick as girlfriends?
Soohyun: (puts on a hopeful expression so Kevin would pick him) Kevin, you choose first.
Kevin: Soohyun! Because hes really good to every girl.
Soohyun: Good! Haha!
Soohyun: Kiseop? No, I choose Hoon because hes very nice and he has a sexy body. Other than that, hes also very athletic. Now I feel like singing a song to him. I hope I can marry a girl like her! (if Hoon was a girl)
AJ: I also choose Hoon!
Hoon: Wae?!
AJ: Haha, because you’re very passionate and you know how to take care of a girl! (AJ misunderstood the question and he thought if he was the girl who would he choose)
Eli: I choose Kiseop! Haha, Kiseop is such a nice person. Also, if I marry a guy like him, I would be very happy. I also wouldn’t need to spend a penny of my money because he will shower me with gifts
Kiseop: I choose. Kevin! Because hes a very honest, hardworking and innocent person!
Kevin: Thank you!
Dongho: I choose myself because I understand myself the most ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Hoon: If I had to choose between Eli and Kiseop… I’d choose Eli because hes a caring person who’s commited!
Credits : kissmeukiss + epop magazine + elseop @ tumblr (scan, translations) + blazegirls

[TRANS] 110624 U-Kiss @ Junior Magazine

Animal Test 1: The members had to choose an animal that they think will send good future messages. They also chose an animal that is most likely to tell bad news. The choices: tigerdog,lambparrot, and turtle.
Animal Test 2: From the choices lionhorselambcow, and monkey, the members had to choose which animals they would get rid of first.
Animal Test 3: The members chose how they will “move”/”transport” these animals: snake,monkey, and bird
Animal Test 4: This test will show how the members will react if their crush had a boyfriend by choosing an animal.
Animal Test Result 1: Dongho chose the tiger that will most likely send good future messages and chose the turtle that will send out bad messages. These results show Dongho expects to meet his future partner/girlfriend who has strong wills and ambitions. Choosing the turtle, the future partner/girlfriend Dongho should NOT meet is someone who does not know how to smile and someone who is always serious.
Animal Test Result 2: Monkey-Lamb-Lion-Cow-Horse is the order that Dongho chose to get rid of first. He values work the most then money. Falling that, he cares for his friends/partner.
Animal Test Result 3: Dongho chose to have the snake wrap around the monkey’s neck and have the bird sit on the monkey’s shoulders. With his, he would hold hands with the monkey. This shows that Dongho will trust his future partner/girlfriend 100%. Dongho will have his future partner/girlfriend take care of finance problems and have her take care of their future child’s education. Holding hands with the monkey show that Dongho will work hard with his partner to be together forever.
Animal Test Result 4: Dongho chose a lion. Even though he looks strong on the outside, he is weak. Dongho will not confess to his crush; therefore, he will only watch her from far away.
Animal Test 1 Result: Same as AJ and Kiseop, Kevin chose a lamb to carry good future news and a tiger to send out bad messages. This shows that Kevin’s future partner/wife must treat him with warmth and comfort. Choosing the tiger, this shows Kevin’s future partner should not be someone that is demanding and controlling. His test results show his greatest fear is to live under a roof of a demanding wife.
Animal Test 2 Result: Cow-Lamb-Lion-Monkey-Horse is the order that Kevin will get rid of these animals. Kevin thinks of work as most important then his friend/future partner. Getting rid of the cow first shows that Kevin does not stress on money.
Animal Test 3 Result: Kevin chose to throw the snake away and hold the monkey. With thebird, he would put it on his shoulders. Throwing the snake away shows Kevin will have money problems but will not care too much. Holding the monkey shows Kevin will give all his love to his future partner. The way he puts the bird indicates he thinks of his future child with great care.
Animal Test 4 Result: Kevin chose a giraffe. Because of the long neck, giraffes are able to find out good information about everything. This shows that Kevin will pin point the girl’s favorite things and do it for her in order to get her attention.
Animal Test Result 1: Hoon chose the lamb as the animal that will send out good future messages and the turtle as the animal that will send out bad messages. This shows that Hoon’s future partner/wife must treat him with warmth and comfort. Choosing the turtle, the future partner/girlfriend Hoon should NOT meet is someone who does not know how to smile and someone who is always serious.
Animal Test Result 2: Cow-Lion-Lamb-Horse-Monkey is the order Hoon would get rid of. This shows that Hoon’s top priorities are his wife and friends. Getting rid of the monkey shows that Hoon will easily let go of money.
Animal Test Result 3: Hoon chose to put the monkey on his shoulders and wrap thesnake around his head. He then decided to put the bird on top of his hand. Putting themonkey on his shoulders indicate his future partner/wife will listen well to Hoon. Wrapping thesnake around his head show that he will make a descent amount of money and spend it wisely. Finally, putting the bird on top of his hand show he will take care of his future child when it is necessary.
Animal Test Result 4: Hoon chose a zebra. If Hoon finds that his crush is the “love of his life”, he will do whatever it takes to get her. The fact that she has a boyfriend does not matter to Hoon.
Animal Test 1 Result: AJ chose the lamb to send out good future messages. He chose thetiger to send out bad messages. This shows that AJ’s future partner/wife must treat him with warmth and comfort. Choosing the tiger, this shows AJ’s future partner should not be someone that is demanding and controlling. His test results show his greatest fear is to live under a roof of a demanding wife.
Animal Test 2 Result: Monkey-Lamb-Cow-Lion-Horse is the order AJ chose to get rid of. Getting rid of the horse last shows AJ treasures work first. Following this, AJ values his future child, wife, and friends next. Because friends is last on his list, he must work hard in order to receive full love from them.
Animal Test 3 Result: AJ chose to put the monkey on his right arm and the snake on his left. He then decided to put the bird on his shoulders. These results show the AJ believes protecting his future partner/wife is key. Putting the snake on his left arm shows he does not easily fall into temptations.
Animal Test 4 Result: AJ chose an elephant. AJ believes if the girl isn’t for him, he should have nothing to do with him.
Animal Test 1 Result: Eli chose a dog to send out good messages and a lamb to deliver bad messages. These results show Eli’s future partner/wife should trust him with everything and follow his path. On the other hand, the results show Eli’s fear is meeting someone that does same things until he gets old.
Animal Test 2 Result: Lion-Lamb-Cow-Monkey-Horse is the order Eli will get rid of first. These results show Eli thinks of work as most important. Following work, friends and his future partner is the next most important thing. The last things that are important to him are money and his future child.
Animal Test 3 Result: Eli chose to make the monkey follow him. He answered that he would hold the snake. With the bird, Eli chooses to let it fly wherever it wants to go. Having themonkey follow him, this shows that Eli’s future partner should follow him. Letting the bird fly anywhere shows Eli will give space and freedom to his future children as they get older. Holding the snake shows Eli will be in charge of money problems and do whatever it takes to support his family.
Animal Test 4 Result: Eli chose an elephant. If his crush has a girlfriend, he would not bother her.
Animal Test 1 Result: Kiseop chose a lamb to send out good future messages and chose thetiger that will send out bad messages. Kiseop’s choice of the lamb resembles a warm, and comfortable personality. This shows that Kiseop’s future partner/wife must treat him with warmth and comfort. Choosing the tiger, this shows Kiseop’s future partner should not be someone that is demanding and controlling. His test results show his greatest fear is to live under a roof of a demanding wife.
Animal Test 2 Result: Tiger-Monkey-Cow-Lamb-Horse is the order Kiseop will get rid of first. Getting rid of the horse last, this shows Kiseop treasures work. The next is he treasures his future child, wife, and friends.
Animal Test 3 Result: Kiseop answered that he will take the monkey, snake, and bird in his car to transport them. This result shows Kiseop thinks of his close family and friends as his top priority and will do whatever it takes to make them comfortable.
Animal Test 4 Result: Kiseop chose an elephant. This shows that he is someone who doesn’t care as much. Kiseop will simply move on. It also shows he will be less likely to be in situation like this.
Animal Test Result 1: Soohyun chose the parrot as the animal that will send good future messages. He chose the dog that will most likely send out bad messages. Soohyun will be happiest when he meets his future partner (girlfriend) that knows how to make him happy. He will also be happiest when she has the best humor and is very outgoing. Choosing a dog, Soohyun will be miserable if he meets a partner (girlfriend) that seeks attention and only works hard to please others.
Animal Test Result 2: Lamb-Monkey-Horse-Cow is the order that Soohyun chose to get rid of first. This shows that Soohyun values money first and then his job and friends/partner. Also, these results show Soohyun will value his future child greatly.
Animal Test Result 3: Soohyun stated that he would make the snake walk on its stomach be it has no legs. He also stated he would hold hands with the monkey as they walk together. At the end, he chose the bird to fly above his head. The monkey is his future partner/girlfriend, thesnake is his fortune, and the bird is his future child. Because Soohyun stated that he would throw away the snake, his fortune (making money) does not look good. Putting the bird above his head shows that his future child will be his number one priority. Holding hands with themonkey shows Soohyun will work hard with his future partner to be together forever.
Animal Test Result 4: What would Soohyun do if his crush already had a boyfriend? Soohyun chose the animal lion. Even though he looks strong on the outside, he is weak. Soohyun will not confess to his crush; therefore, he will only watch her from far away.
Credits : kissmeukiss + r2pi @ tumblr (translations) + blazegirls

[TRANS] 110620 U-Kiss @ Inkigayo Magazine (May Issue)

TRY TRY, ABOUT ‘0330‘ Just like the song, I’ve actually experienced something like that. Even though it’s a sad memory, in order to show the right emotions, I have to think about it. In junior high, I started off as an athlete. In order to move forward for this dream, I had to go away for 5 months to receive proper training. I had to break up with my girlfriend because of that. I liked her a lot but I had to force myself. That was the first time I learned about ‘girls’ and ‘tears’.

EPISODE During our album preparations, it was Eli and Soohyun’s birthday. Because we were so busy with the recording, we couldn’t celebrate their birthdays properly. So, we bought a cake and told them to go out. We turned off the lights and threw them a mini surprise party.

I WANT U-KISS TITLE U-Kiss has a lot of titles. I’ll be selfish and name what kind of title I want. “Emotional Vocal Hoon”, please make a placard of that (laughs).

SUCCESS MUTIZEN SONG I don’t cry easily. But if we did receive #1, I think I would cry thinking about my past struggles.

U-KISS BAND POSITION I never took piano lessons, but I’m able to play simple chords. We got new instruments in our practice room. Every time we go in, all the members fight for the instruments they want. One member would play the guitar while the other member will play the piano. We can now play 2-3 songs alone.

HOON’S TEMPTATION, CHARM All the members have their own charms, but I don’t think I have anything special. I guess I’m confident in my voice.

IDEAL TYPE I think my ideal type never change. My ideal type when I was young is the same for now too. To express shortly, I like girls that are cute and small. Oh, and girls with soft hands. If I had a girlfriend, I would sing for her. I would also write words with the candle on a dark night at a park. My future girlfriend, please look forward to it~!

IF I’M A WOMAN If I was a girl, I would definitely date Eli. If Eli was my boyfriend, he would take care of me even without me asking for his attention. He’s not too immature and he’s very reliable. I personally like those kind of people. He’s closest to my ideal type. The member I do NOT want to date is AJ. The Reason? He’s only good to girls. TOO much.

JUST TRY First thing is first, I want U-Kiss to be known by everyone. It would be nice if my name can be known too. I think I would die of happiness if someone would recognize me in the streets.

TO FAN I know I lack in many parts. Instead of being lazy, I will practice hard even after our schedules. Fans, I know I’ll be awkward at first. I want to thank everyone who’s supporting us. We will show you a better side of us in the future. Please watch out for us.

TRY TRY, ABOUT ‘0330’ I have a small recording room at my house where I have collections of MR I made for rap. Because of all the practice, I don’t think I had a hard time helping out with U-Kiss’s album. I read a lot so that helped me with composing. Not only does reading help me, but I’m able to experience other peoples’ lives and reflect upon it.

MY FAVORITE SONG IN ‘BRAN NEW KISS’ ‘I Don’t Understand’ and ‘Miracle’ are two of my favorite songs because Paran’s member PO hyung gave us this song.

EPISODE Um, I shouldn’t say this but..(laughs) Dongho and Eli’s rap making. When I took part of the rap making, I almost died helping them hehehe. Rappers have their own color and styles right? Rappers also have their own charms to weave in their music. But these two people needed most of my help so it was difficult at first.

TARGET I do want to win #1 but in my case, I was around for 6 years. Now I think “I should be getting #1 anytime soon”. I’m not that crazy about it though. I’m a realistic person. I just want to try my best.

SUCCESS MUTIZEN SONG Ah, I never really thought about it. I can usually imagine most situations, but I can’t seem to think about this one. It’s beyond my thoughts.

U-KISS BAND POSITION I play the guitar a lot. But I spend most of the time writing lyrics and composing songs.

AJ’S TEMPTATION AND CHARM Confidence? When I was young, my pride was so important to me. I couldn’t do anything. I couldn’t sing. I couldn’t dance. I was very shy. But after having some confidence, I found my place.

IDEAL TYPE I like innocent girls with a scent of spring weather. If I have a girlfriend, I want to do everything for her.

IF I’M A WOMAN The member I would like to date… Kiseop? You get attached to him really easily. I DON’T think I would want to date Kevin. After having his first kiss on his musical stage, he doesn’t have any experience with dating. If I was a girl, I think that’d be frustrating.

TO FAN I want to say one thing to my fans. I know there are many disappointed fans and fans that support me. I just want to say that please watch me until the end. You can end up liking someone as you watch them more. I’ll be more strong so please watch me until the end!

TRY TRY, ABOUT ‘0330’ A sad-hip hop genre. A song that experiences love. When I was 15, I had to break up with my girlfriend because I had to leave for China. I don’t have a girlfriend right now, so I think of lonely thoughts to express the emotion.

EPISODE An episode I remember is my rap part. As we were producing this album, this was my first time writing lyrics. It’s comfortable for me when I write in English, but it’s hard when I’m writing it in Korean. AJ helped me a lot. One of my rap part is “I was the servant of this love”. I didn’t know what ‘servant’ was in Korean. Later, my manager told me what it meant (laughs).

NEW MEMBER AJ AND HOON The two members have their own charms that make our rap and song sound better. Hoon’s good looking.. Jaeseop..he…uh..haha..he’s good looking too. Before, our composer, manager, and boss would help us with producing the album. This time, all our members were able to contribute. In my part, AJ and I were the directors. AJ is a straightforward person so I felt very small when I was working with him (hehe). I’m an open person so I do things easily, but working with AJ really upgraded me. It was really fun working with all the members.

SUCCESS MUTIZEN SONG After 6 albums and 4 years of experience, just thinking about it makes me teary. That’s why I never really thought of winning #1. Teary! I probably won’t cry on stage, but once we get backstage, I’ll explode.

ELI’S POWER AND ENERGY Family of course. I gave up everything in America to take a new road in Korea. I want to succeed, and I need to succeed. I have my dad and other family all in America. I want my dad to quit his job and come to Korea to live with us. In order to that, I want to work hard and achieve that goal.

IDEAL TYPE When I was young, I liked cool girls. Opposite from that, I like girls that have some (little) aegyo (acting cute) and a lovely girl. If I had a girlfriend, I want to make food for her on a beach just like in that one scene from ‘Boys Over Flower’.

JUST TRY I want to sing as well as Kevin!!! These days I listen to B.O.B and Bruno Mars.

OUT OF KOREA Maybe it’s the weather? HAHAHA. Fans from different countries are all different. Japanese fans wait until our performance is done; then they cheer and clap for us. Korean fans fly around from beginning to end. Fans from Singapore and the Philippines don’t follow us around and take paparazzi pictures. But if one fan really really liked us, some of them would follow us. I just want to thank every fan though for everything.

TO FAN We’re going to continue promotions for ‘0330’ in Korea. Please love U-Kiss more and give much interests to our new song ‘0330’. Get to know each U-Kiss members’ charms and let’s go together forever. Thank you.

NEW ALBUM’S IMPORTANT Even though I have a small part, it’s very difficult to sing. It can easily be sung out of tune. I spend a lot of time practicing only that part (laughs).

SUCCESS MUTIZEN SONG Wow.. really. I don’t think I’ll be able to talk. If I hear “This week’s mutizen..U-Kiss!”, I don’t think anyone will be able to speak. I think we’ll all hug each other and cry. In Soohyun hyung’s case, he debuted for 4 years plus another 4-5 years as a trainee. He’s waiting for this moment for at least 8-9 years. I said something about this to him,”If we win #1, I think I’ll throw up.” I hope to receive #1 as fans give us much love and strength.

KISEOP’S POWER AND ENERGY Before debut, my depression was severe. I had to go to the hospital few times too. One day, I heard my mom cry so hard in her room. Thinking that she was crying because of me, my heart broke. After I’m done with my schedule, she always wakes up when I get home. The fact that she wants to do something for me even more, gives me strength and it is the reason why I live today.

IDEAL TYPE When I was younger, I didn’t care because they were just my friends. Of course I had few ideal girls that I liked. If I had a girlfriend full of aegyo (acting cute) and a cute girl, I would like to take her on a drive. There are also many special events that I want to do for her. It’s typical, but I want to fill my car’s trunk with balloons and surprise her.

IF I’M A WOMAN Hoon and Kevin can not get any nicer. They’re so nice and so bright. I think I like nice people. The member that I do NOT want to date.. I shouldn’t say this but.. Soohyun. HEHE! Soohyun hyung knows a lot of things. If I was a girl, I think he’d be too mature for me.

MY FAN Singapore fans leave the greatest impression for me. There is a fan that was my fan from the beginning. She started to fold paper cranes the first time we went for a showcase. Next year, she would make 1000 more. She gave it to me and now it’s on display at my house. I was very touched.

TO FAN After focusing promotions in Korea, we’re planning to try variety shows, dramas, and movies. We also have an Asia tour planned in the future. Please support us and love us. Thank you!

TRY TRY, ABOUT ‘0330’ I cried few times on stage. Not only because of the emotions, when I sing, I automatically get sad. Especially at this one part when I kneel down and sing my adlibs. Even though I didn’t experience true love before, I can just feel the emotion.

EPISODE While recording our 5th single, my birthday was on March 11 and Eli’s birthday was on March 13th. The members brought cake to the recording studio and held a mini surprise party. I was having a hard time recording, but my stress went away after this.

IT’S TIME Watching ‘One Piece’ can never get more fun. Also, I’ve been interested in driving. I relieve my stress that I get from work by driving. My stress goes away as I listen to loud music and also U-Kiss music.

I WANT U-KISS TITLE ‘Vocal-Dol’. I take care of my throat a lot. I drink at least 3L of water every day. Also, I drink the healthy teas that fans send us. Music is like family to me. If I was not able to sing, I think I would die.

SUCCESS MUTIZEN SONG I’ll faint. First of all, on average, we’ve been active for 4 years. After 6 albums, we never received first place. If we were able to get first place, I don’t think I would be able to speak. I would just cry.

PERFORMANCE IN CONCERT I want to take one fan and set her in the middle of the stage. After that, I want to take pictures with her and sing for her. There are a lot of songs that I can sing for her. Wow, just thinking about it makes me happy.

SOOHYUN’S TEMPTATION, CHARM Because I became the leader, I want to say my leadership skills. Truthfully, all the members are hardworking so it’s not tiring for me. There are a lot of times when I have to scold at the members and fix their problems. I think I learned a lot of leadership skills through this. It’s not much of a charm, but this is my charm (laughs).

IDEAL TYPE Hm, ideal type. I wasn’t interested at these things when I was younger. But instead of a sexy image, I like girls that are innocent. Someone that’s fun when you’re next to her. Because I’m most confident in singing, I would sing a serenade for her. Also, later in the future when I get married, I want to propose to her at a concert while singing.

IF I’M A WOMAN I would date Hoon. Hoon has a soft image and can sing. He also has a nice body and can exercise well. Perfect! But he’s also really nice. He’s mature and knows how to be respectful to others. The member I do NOT want to date. AJ. He’s the type that’s only good to his girl. He’ll be too nice to the girl.

TO FAN After promoting ‘0330’, we’ll be starting Japan promotions from June to September. During the fall, we’ll come back to Korea and release an album. We also have plans on releasing a full Japanese album in November. I want to thank those who always wait for our albums and support us. Even when U-Kiss was going through hard times, I want to thank everyone that cheered for us. Fans that are far away from us, international fans, we’ll never forget about you. Now, let’s imagine that you guys will cry with us when we win #1.

The ‘Coming of Age’ day that I dreamed of Because I haven’t been to many drink places, I want to drink with all the members. We have 5 members that are celebrating Coming of Age day. I want to have a party with all of them.

The moment when I thought I really matured When I see fans that are younger than me (laughs). Before, there were a lot of nuna (older) fans, but now I see fans yelling “Oppa~Oppa~”. It was awkward at first, but now I’m used to hearing that. Now that I think I have younger fans to take care of, I feel like I became an adult. Also, with singing and dancing, the company asks us about our opinions and everything. Being active in the entertainment industry, I feel more mature now.

Ideally, adults should be like this An adult that takes care of the younger ones and everyone else around you. You shouldn’t only think about yourself just because you’re old. You should be able to listen to others and take care of everyone.

The ‘Coming of Age’ day I dreamed of Hm, ‘Coming of Age’ day. I want to drink so much until I knock out (laughs). I don’t know if I drink well and I never experienced drinking a lot. I don’t think it’s a bad idea to drink a lot and lose your mind once in a while.

The moment when I thought I really matured Before joining U-Kiss, I went through a lot of hardships. I’ve been through scams while releasing albums. I always thought ‘How am I going to live on life now?’ a lot. Now that I look back, it was a memory that I never want to forget. It shaped who I am today. It gave me a chance to have a strong mind. No matter how much schedule we have, I always think of my hardships and feel better.

The ‘Coming of Age’ day that I dreamed of I want to party at a club and drink with my friends while enjoying the fact that I’m an adult now. But in reality, I think it’s something that can’t easily happen. I think it’ll be a day for me and members.

The moment when I thought I really matured I don’t think I’m fully mature right now. I have tried acting like an adult, but not sincerely. I’m not at a point where I can take full responsibilities for everything. I thought I can easily become an adult when I make money. Now that I make money, this is something that can’t easily be handled. As the years pass, it is true that I’m closer to becoming an adult. But I don’t know when I’ll actually be mature. I guess I’ll become a true adult after I go through life.

What I want to do as an adult I don’t know a lot of people that are younger than me. Because I debuted at a young age, I don’t have anyone that calls me “Oppa” or “Hyung”; there are only seniors. That’s why, when I become an adult, I want juniors so I can say “Yes _______ah~”. I want to be a real hyung and approach to them warmly. Our maknae Dongho is too mature, so there’s nothing I can do (laughs). When I get to know juniors, I want to buy them delicious food and listen to their problems and complaints.

Ideally, an adult should be like this Someone that’s cool but not selfish. I want to be someone that cares for others more than myself.

The ‘Coming of Age’ day I dreamed of ‘Coming of Age’ day. Isn’t it same as all men? Receiving perfume, rose, and a kiss from your girlfriend! If I had a girlfriend that was the same age as me, I would do that for her. Maybe spend the day with your girlfriend? Eating delicious food at a fancy restaurant! (laughs)

What I want to do as an adult Family is top priority. The parents that raised me to become a U-Kiss member, I want to treat them really well. I want to take them to nice places and show them how successful we are. I’ve always thought I wanted to do something that I enjoy when I become an adult. But everyday is happiness for me when I’m working with U-Kiss members.

Ideally, an adult should be like this Being a right man. Whatever hits me, I want to be an adult that knows how to handle the situation right. Also, a bright and healthy dad for my future family! I think this is the closest idea an adult should be like.

TRY TRY, ABOUT ‘0330’ I’m the type that has a lot of emotion and that can easily cry. Depending on the atmosphere, my mood changes too. Before standing on stage, I can laugh and play around, but when I hear the piano melody in our song, I suddenly get serious and emotional. Just hearing the first part of ‘0330’, gets me emotional.

I WANT U-KISS TITLE A group that’s good at singing live? I like titles like this. If you listen to Lee Eunmi sunbaenim’s (senior) song, you can right away tell she’s great at live. She’s able to touch us with her lives more than the CD can.

SUCCESS MUTIZEN SONG I had a lot of struggling moments because I debuted when I was young. If we are able to get #1, I think it will all pay off. I’m not going to cry though. When all the members cry, I’m planning to grab the mic and give the speech (laughs).

DONGHO’S TEMPTATION, CHARM Whatever I do, I’m still the lovable maknae. I joke around with the fans a lot and they just take everything as a joke. They think I’m cute. I’m thankful for that.

IDEAL TYPE I dislike people that lie. I’m an honest person. There are times when I have to lie, but I still think it’s wrong to lie. I think I’ll get angry if someone lied to me to hurt me. I like honest love. If I meet my ideal girl, I would love to go to Europe. I want to camp, catch bugs, make a tent, and enjoy the scenery. I think it’ll stay as a great memory. Isn’t it romantic?

IF I’M A WOMAN Because I like honest people, I’ll choose myself. I’m not saying the members lie, but I’m probably the one that cannot lie. I just want to choose myself (laughs). The member I don’t want to date? Soohyun hyung. Soohyun hyung can sing well and he knows how to treat a woman. These traits can be dangerous. If I was dating him, I think he’d be popular by other girl.

JUST TRY Being close with girl groups. Other members know a lot of people, but I don’t. With our promotions, I want to take the chance and get to know other idols.

TO FAN We’ll soon be filming for our movie. We’re planning to have a lot of individual promotions. First, we’ll be actively promoting ‘0330’ then go to Japan in June. Please love ‘0330’ more and support U-Kiss. Please do not label me as only ‘Dongho’, but as ‘U-Kiss’s Dongho’. Thank you.

Credits : kissmeukiss + r2pi @ tumblr (translations) + blazegirls

[TRANS] 110611 Dongho’s Tweet

Kiseop hyung’s iPhone also got stolen ㅡ If it was only my phone, I would have thought that maybe I lost it? But Kiseop hyung’s and a staff member’s phone got stolen ㅡ Ha aaaaaaaaah ㅡ

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[TRANS] 110505 Ukisskorea’s Announcement Regarding Japanese Fans

There is a group of Japanese fans who are constantly following U-Kiss everywhere by taxi and also to their personal homes/dorm, not only in Japan but also in Korea. These actions have caused harm towards the members and managers. We’ve warned them many times to stop with these actions but they’ve even retrieved the manager’s phone number. They also came to the office, stylist salon and places in Korea which Kiss Mes are forbidden to be at, so we’ve decided to restrict their access to any events such as fan meetings, fan signings, etc. Even if they are members of Kiss Me 2 (paid Kiss Mes), their privileges to events related to U-Kiss have been revoked. We will be posting an official statement on the homepage as well.
Kiss Mes, we understand that you wish to meet U-Kiss but please refrain from performing actions that may disturb them or we will restrict you from attending any U-Kiss events, in Japan & Korea. Please respect the rules. I am very saddened to announce bad news in such nice weather. ㅠㅠ Please be careful in the future with this kind of problem. Let’s support U-Kiss!!

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[TRANS] 110411 U-Kiss @ KoreanPOP Magazine Vol. 11 (Indonesian Magazine) – Interview

After holding a succesful Mini Concert in Medan-Brastagi, Indonesia last March 5th, KoreanPOP got an opportunity to interview the group, U-Kiss. After waiting under a cold weather for about 15 minutes, finally we were able to meet the 6 boys which welcomed us with a friendly atmosphere. Although they’ve done so many activities during that day, there was no sign of tiredness in their faces. They threw jokes at each other making the awkward atmosphere into a friendlier one making the 10mins interview feel like just 3mins. All the questions & answers were in English, thanks to Eli and Alexander (translator note: I think they forget to put Kevin’s name here) for being the translators between KoreanPOP and Soohyun, Kiseop & Dongho.
Introduce yourselves please:
A (Alexander): Hello, I’m Alexander
K (Kevin): Hello, I’m Kevin
E (Eli): Hello, I’m U-Kiss Eli
D (Dongho): Hello, I’m U-Kiss Dongho
S (Soohyun): Hello, I’m U-Kiss Soohyun
KS (Kiseop): Hello, I’m U-Kiss Kiseop
All: And we are U-Kiss.

What do you think about Indonesia and finally holding a concert here?
K: We always wanted to go to Indonesia even before. And now, finally we were able to come and one great impression was the “love of the fans”. They were very excited, enthusiastic and were such friendly people. Plus, so many beautiful views, trees and mountains everywhere.
A: And we really enjoyed the food as well.
K: Uh yeah, yummy.
A: Love nasi goreng (fried rice) and sate (satay)
K: Yes, yes.

Do you like it too?
E: I loved everything. (laugh)

What do you think about the concert? Any good moments?
E: It was so much fun. This was the first time we did it with Indonesian fans. We really had a good time both on stage and off. We would like to thank all the fans who were with us for three consecutive times. (He means the three events during their stay in Brastagi)
A : Terima kasih! (thank you)
K : Ah, during the fanmeeting (he means the showcase) we also played games on stage. We chose our own fans and everything which made us even closer to our fans.

In addition to singing and acting. what else do you want to do?

S: I’m Soohyun…. I …
A: Musical!
S: Oh, yeahh.. musical.
D: I’m Dongho. I want to be a Radio DJ.
KS: I want to put up a coffee shop with Eli.
E: *started talking in Korean* (he was translating Kiseop’s words)
S + D: Yongo yongo! (English, English)
E: OH YEAAHH.. I CAN SPEAK ENGLISH!! (continue) yup, looks like I want to put up my own coffee shop with Kiseop in Korea as well.
K: I think many fans will go there!
E: I hope so.
K: And i want to try to act in a drama or movie.
A: Me? I WANNA GO TO HOLLYWOOD! (laugh) no, maybe if Eli and Kiseop puts up a coffee shop, I’m going to sell my Gummy Bears or cookies or cakes there. Yum yum!
Let’s be realistic, if you can’t continue to work in the entertainment industry no more, what would you like to do? Travelling or…
E: I wanna go backpacking!
All: Uwoooww~~
E: Backpacking around Asia.
With who? Boys or girls?
E: With KissMes.
All: Awww~~
K: You’ll pay for everything?
E: (laugh) I’ll try.
All: (laugh)
KS: I will put up a coffee shop.

Just imagine, 10 years or more from now, you will be get married..

What kind of wedding do you want?
KS: I want a wedding in the beach
S: I want a marriage on stage while U-Kiss is having their promotional tours.
E: And he will marry everyone!
D: I want a simple marriage. A wedding at the church.
K: If I get married, I want… a wedding at the beach. Like Kiseop.

If you wake up the next day as an actress who would you like to be?
KS: I wanna be like Go Hyesun from Boys Before Flowers (she played as Geum Jandi)
S: I want to be Lee MinJeong, the girl in Boys Before Flowers too.
D: IU. I would like to be IU.
K: I wanna be a girl from Girls’ Generation (SNSD)
E: Who?
K: Jessica.
E: I would like to be… ANGELINA JOLIE
E: NO! And you?
A: I… I don’t know..
E: Alexander could be Oprah Winfrey
A: Yeah. I wanna be a succesful woman.
Money, or Love, or Friendship. Which one comes first?
KS: Number one is friendship, 2nd is love & the last is money.
S: For me, of course love will be the first. Love from fans.
D: Me..? All the same.
E: Friendship. And then love, then money.
A: Me too!
K: I pick love, because of friendship and kinship, there’s love there!
What are your plans after this concert?
E: We want to release a new album and we’ll ask our fans to keep supporting us 100% and we want tell them that we really love them & we’re thankful for all the support they are giving us.
All: Good!

Will you have another concert here in Indonesia?
E: Yup! We’ll try to come to Indonesia & we’ll visit Jakarta!
K: Yeah, Jakarta.
D: And Bali.
E: Yeahh.. We want to visit Bali too.

Any message for your fans and readers?
K: Well, this is the first time we came to Indonesia and we are very grateful to all of you for greeting us upon our arrival here and making the show a success. We will, definitely, be coming back for future concerts and fanmeetings or showcase. We’ll release a new album, so please keep on supporting us! WE LOVE YOU!
A: We’ll miss you!
Credits: kissmeukiss + KoreanPOP + U-KISSesia + Xian @UKISSesia (scans/taken & translation)  + lexy @ kissmeukiss (corrections) + blazegirls