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[INFO] 110209 K-pop Music Video Nominees for Philippines’ Myx Music Award Awards

The Philippines’ #1 music channel, MYX, will be holding their MMA awards this March, and have included a “Favorite K-pop Music Video” category in light of the recent Hallyu wave.

MYX, the top music channel in the Philippines, will hold their annual MYX Music Awards, abbreviated as MMA, this upcoming March 15, 2011.

The awards ceremony will honor artists under categories such as favorite artist, favorite song, etc. The voting began February 7th, and will continue until March 7th, 2011.

Because the Philippines has also been infected with Hallyu fever, a category for “favorite K-POP video” has also been included. The nominees are as follows:

– BONAMANA/Super Junior
– Go Away/2NE1
– Run Devil Run/SNSD
– Bingeul Bingeul/U-KISS
– Beautiful/ BEAST

The above artists are all signed under Universal Records Philippines, and their releases thus far have all ranked #1 in terms of record sales, boasting a large fan base in the country.

Fans can vote for their favorite artists via text or online at MYX’s official website, Voting is open to all as long as the necessary information is filled out.

Who do you believe has the best chance of winning?

Credits: kissmeukiss + gokpop + blazegirls



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